Center pane

These buttons show some of Layout's methods.

NOTE that closable & resizable pane-options must be enabled when the Layout initializes, if you want to be able to disable/re-enabled these features later.

disable/enableClosable( pane [, hideToggler ] )

> true = hide the Toggler-button

disable/enableSlidable( pane )

disable/enableResizable( pane )

$"layout") / $"parentLayout")

A layout-instance can be retrieved from the layout-container element. You can also get the instance of the 'containing layout' from any 'child-element' (pane, resizer or togger) of a layout...

The outer-west pane is BOTH a layout-pane and a layout-container...


North pane
West pane
West–Center pane
West–North pane
West–South pane
South pane
East pane